Fighting For Child Machica Meet The Minister

Senin, 21 Juli 2008 1 komentar

Online Magazine. Jakarta - Obstinacy of Machica Moechtar of so to be its child get the confession from former Mensesneg Moerdiono do not recognize the fatigue. This dangdut singer is planning inform against its case to Minister Punish and HAM of Andi Mattalatta "I will be non-stoped to struggle for the child of my. I planning to come in contact with the Menkum HAM," say the Machicha moment met in its residency in Road;Street of Turtledove III, Glorious Bintaro, Tangerang, Monday ( 21/7/2008}. Machica confess the x'self do not own any intention. All that doing/conducting of purification for the bliss of her child, Muhammad Iqbal " I only wish he/she earn the confession from father her contain. So that I can be calm, because during the time I confuse if he/she claim to come in contact with its father," express the Machica with the sorrowful face this dangdut singer Origin Makassar will be non-stoped to struggle to get the justice for its child
" Any I will do/conduct for the shake of child. I will be non-stoped to look for that justice," say her.(one)

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Kristina Shy at to Refer Amin

Kamis, 10 Juli 2008 0 komentar

Online Magazine. Jakarta. To at twice nya, Kristina sue to divorce its husband is Amin Light Nasution. Kristina have setled the liver with its decision Pedangdut have that dinky Body of people say do not want to refer again, like at the time of he sue to divorce first time "My time ask what there will be peace or wish to refer to return the, Kristina [is] only kept quiet. Likely he/she have setled to divorced Amin. Likely, hurt of liver Kristina have cannot be cured the. Patience Kristina have used up, moment she hear Amen ask the woman to Azirwan, Sekwilda Bintan, archipelago Riau Emilia confess will always support its friend. Anything decision taken by Kristina, she hope that best "That decision is good or do not is choice Kristina. He is entitled to look for its part,"papar dear mother this Denada. (one)

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Aura Kasih Wish To Become The Singer with Quality

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Online Magazine. Jakarta - As new comer in industry of fatherland music, name of Aura Kasih start to steal the public attention. But, a lot of opinion upraised popularitas Aura of its physical fascination cause is eye moment Ditanya, former finalist of Miss of 2007 Indonesia that, do not slap down the mentioned " If there is praising my appearance with the title beautiful or section, I just sih compliment.

But I prefer to if spelled out members by singer or musicians," say the Aura of moment Love met in office Sindo in number of Kebon Sirih, Jakarta Center the, Wednesday (9/7/2008), Even there is assessing like that, but Aura is not sissy artist type. He/She intend to prove to its ability everybody become the singer which with quality that shown by this ladder feet owner learntly process the vowel and involve the song brought " I will be non-stoped to exercise the vowel. I wish to improve the my voice quality," he said self confidence Do not only that, Aura even also middle to in this time learn to create the song. He/She wish the its own menyanyikan creation song and own the role more in album of both later.(one)

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